Atoll Convection Oven

 Atoll Convection Oven
Technical Specifications
Model No. Atoll 600 Atoll 800
Electrical 220V/50Hz/1Phase 415V/50Hz/3Phase
Weight (kg) 60 118
Power (kW) 3.3 9
Capacity 3 trays

440 x 350 mm

4 trays

400 x 600mm

Width (mm) 600 840
Depth (mm) 720 935
Height (mm) 558 625
Power Socket 15A 20A
 Double glass design, easy for observation and cleaning
Bidirectional hot air circulation for even baking results
Electromagnetic door lock – the door opens automatically when the baking program finishes
30 pre-set programs, each capable of 5baking stages, for optimal baking results
USB port option for easy program storage and transfer, for chain operations