6235 / 6235A

Spaceman 6235 / 6235A
Soft serve freezer

Two-flavor medium capacity counter-top model for ice cream, frozen yogurt and much more

Technical Specifications
Model No. 6235 (Gravity) 6235A (Pump)
Output Capacity (80 grams) 450 serves/hr
Electrical 220V/50Hz/1Phase

Type 3 MCB 20A

Weight (kg) 175 185
Power (kW) 3
Capacity (L)

Freezing cylinders

2 x 1.7L
Capacity (L)

Mix hopper

2 x 12L
Width (mm) 552
Depth (mm) 772
Height (mm) 935
Clearance Requirements 152mm from rear
Fast Freeze Down
Digital Control and Display
Low Mix Indicator
Self Closing Dispensing Valve
Dispense Speed Control
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