Room Projects

Running a business that involves perishable foods require a good storage system for food safety and to increase the shelf life of the inventory. Walk-in freezers and chillers (also known as cold rooms) are common storage systems used by F&B establishments and food suppliers as it provides a large space to accommodate all the food and ingredients. With a large cold storage space, F&B business owners and food suppliers can make bulk purchases and enjoy the related cost-savings.

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Key points to note:

  1. Adequate built-in chiller(s) and freezer(s) must be provided for storage of meat or fish and other associated products
  2. Walk-in chillers should have a temperature of between 0 to 4°C  and freezers should have a temperature of – 18°C
  3. Raw unprocessed and semi-processed meat/fish and their products must also be stored separately from the finished products
  4. The temperature of preparation room must be controlled at around 12 °C to 15 °C
  5. The temperature of finished products packaging / labeling room must be controlled at around 12 °C to 15 °C


Chiller/freezer Rooms are designed with customized sizes and volumes using CFC-Free foam insulation. Choice of remote and self-contained units.


Cold room (chiller room) for vegetables packing & trading


Insulated overhead sectional doors constructed of heavy-duty material yet sturdy & lightweight. Designed specifically for industrial applications to make loading and unloading much easier and efficient